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James and Grace Lee Boggs School

The mission of the Boggs School is to nurture creative, critical thinkers
who contribute to the well-being of their communities.

PEN Scotland are delighted to have an ongoing relationship with the James and Grace Lee Boggs School. 

On this page we have included information recommended by the School, information on publications and links to video and podcasts. We will also post details of joint events with friends from Detroit.

Eastern Michigan University presentation, "James Boggs: Student of Detroit by Michael Doan, Professor at Oakland University and member of the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center in Detroit.
Michael gives a helpful overview of James Boggs philosophical approach to community action followed by a discussion.

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American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs (Movie)
Plunges us into Boggs’s lifetime of vital thinking and action, traversing the major U.S. social movements of the last century: from labor to civil rights, to Black Power, feminism, the Asian American and environmental justice movements and beyond. Boggs’s constantly evolving strategy – her willingness to re-evaluate and change tactics in relation to the world shifting around her – drives the story forward.
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Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century
This book provides a concise and instructive review of the revolutions of the twentieth century, with separate chapters on the Russian, Chinese, Guinea-Bissau, and Vietnamese revolutions, in which the authors seek to extract the principle lessons from each of these struggles and the special course taken by each. In these and in a summary chapter on the dialectics of revolution the authors furnish a picture of the principal aspects of Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, and the other currents of Marxism active in the revolutions of our times. A second section is devoted to the United States, and begins with a survey of the class forces in American history from the settlement of the original thirteen colonies to the present, with special attention to the enslaved black population.


The Problem with Blaming Robots for Taking Our Jobs

For decades, the effects of automation have been fiercely debated. Are we missing the bigger picture? By Jane Hu  May 18, 2022

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