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Ideas to Change the World

In February 2023, PEN returned to Crianlarich youth hostel for another residential weekend.


The aim of the event was to create a welcoming, trusting and honest space for activists of all backgrounds, traditions and none to develop shared political perspectives. 

The weekend's main focus were a series of workshops, lectures and activities, all built around a popular educational model of collaboration and participation.


Workshops on the historical development of capitalism, the British's state's response to conflict and climate change, and the question of 'who owns Scotland?' helped us think about how we as Left activists respond to these forces.

Another session run by representatives of the Kurdish women's network also helped us explore in a very real and personal way how ideas of 'the self' is shaped by capitalism. 

The weekend provided everyone the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, and to take the time to reflect on our own role in the movement. Food, music and other entertainment helped do this, as much as the political discussions! Some participants even took part in yoga and early morning hikes in the beautiful Crianlarich countryside. 

With new friends made and ideas sparked, we are already looking forward to the next residential weekend in 2024!


Introduction to Political Economy

(Trademark Belfast / STUC, 2023)

'Who runs - and owns - Scotland?'

Presentation from The Ferret

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