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Women Uninterrupted



Popular Education Network Scotland values the contribution women make to our communities. Too often their contribution is undervalued, dismissed and unheard. We have dedicated our podcast, Women Uninterrupted, to amplifying women's voices and celebrating their achievements.


If you know a woman who is active in her community with a great story to tell, or maybe you have one yourself, please contact us to discuss contributing to the series.


Our podcasts available through all main platforms. Please click on your preferred platform to access our station. If your preferred platform is not represented below please let us know.

Our current available podcasts are;
  • Introduction to Popular Education Scotland with Frances Curran and Dawn Fyfe
  • Adele Patrick of Glasgow Women's Library talks to Dawn Fyfe about women's contribution to culture.
  • Rosie Kane talks to Frances Curran about environmental activism and communities learning from each other.
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