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We are all so busy that the Podcast is a great way to keep informed whilst on the go.

Remember to tune into PEN Scotland's podcast, but in the meantime here is some recommendations from our members.

Trademark belfast.jpg

Trademark Belfast

Fantastic Worker's Education Podcast, Trademark Belfast covers issues ranging from Fascism to Community Wealth. Not only fascinating and informative but highly entertaining. 

Access their Podcast on Anchor FM :

anti poll tax.jpg

Anti Poll Tax Demo on Glasgow Green

Wonderful podcast where Mark Stephen interviews the organisers of and participant in the first Anti Poll Tax Demo in Glasgow Green.


Short and long articles we thought you could find fascinating


Books recommended by our members. Remember to use your local library!

Tube Microphone in Studio

Podcasts can be a great way to learn on the go. Here are some of our favourites, but don't forget to listen to our very own Women Uninterrupted.


Videos to play and stream. Great Friday night viewing!


Links to other groups that have similar aims to PEN Scotland.

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