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Recommended Books

These books have been incoluded on our list because they have been recommended by members and / or have been used in our learning. Remember to request these at your local library.

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Popular Education and Social change in Latin America

This history of popular education looks at one of the most successful social movements to use popular education, the Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST) in Brazil, as well as theoretical and practical analyses. It highlights the importance of popular education to the "new" social movements based around identity, such as women's and indigenous organizations and includes a biography of Paulo Freire.


Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century

2008 NEW EDITION, with new introduction by Grace Lee Boggs

More than thirty years of experience in the labor, radical, and black movements in the United States and distilled by the authors in these pages. This book provides a concise and instructive review of the revolutions of the twentieth century.


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A guide to the global municipalist movement

Self-government, or 'municipalism', is changing politics all over the world. This is a guide to winning back our towns and cities from below with real radical policies happening now; practical organizing strategies and tools; and profiles of 50 pioneering municipalist platforms from around the world.

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Short and long articles we thought you could find fascinating


Books recommended by our members. Remember to use your local library!

Tube Microphone in Studio

Podcasts can be a great way to learn on the go. Here are some of our favourites, but don't forget to listen to our very own Women Uninterrupted.


Videos to play and stream. Great Friday night viewing!


Links to other groups that have similar aims to PEN Scotland.

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